lauantai 18. heinäkuuta 2015


On Friday 26th June we went to the Chinatown again. When we arrived there we ate first. We read about the most famous food courts in Singapore and visited one in Chinatown. After eating we walked around the place and it was much more lively in the evening. The streets were full of people and filled with lights. The part we saw was filled with temples, restaurants, bars and small shops.

Chinatown lights


After a while of circling around we decided to grab a beer or two before heading home. While we looked for a place have our pints, by coincidence we ended up in a karaoke bar. It was a lot smaller place inside than we expected. It was funny to see that the local karaoke culture was similar to what we're used to in Finland. Old drunken people sang loudly and the audio quality was rubbish. We found the whole situation rather hilarious. In all we had an enjoyable evening.

Karaoke bar

Eero, Janne, Santeri

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