sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

The Constant Gardener

On 3rd of July we decided to visit Gardens at the bay, which is a park consisting of three water front gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central. It was easy to get there with MRT as a station is near Marina South Pier at the end of North South line. Although afterwards we realized that Bayfront station would've been closer choice. The station that we stopped was right at the seashore and as it was dark we could only see the lights coming from boats and ships. The pier wasn't surrounded by anything interesting. We spot couple of construction sites and you could see the city skyline beyond the sites.

It didn't take us long to reach the Gardens. We are not sure which entrance we took in but the park guard showed us the way to Supertree Grove. We'd advice to visit the park at least twice, during both the day and night time. Because at night you can't see the plants and the garden ornaments but you can enjoy the lights, city skyline and the lighted Supertree Grove.

Arriving to the gardens

Supertree Grove

From foot of a Supertree

After having a little break at the foot of a Supertree we headed through Marina Bay Sands hotel to get to the water front. The views were spectacular and again can't be described by words. We walked around the river and at the end of the evening we relaxed at the shore and saw a light show. Here are the pictures of the night.




Water front

Light show

Our group

Another from water front

Eero, Janne, Santeri

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