lauantai 25. heinäkuuta 2015

Dinner Rush

4th of July we wanted to do  a "Anthony Bourdain" trip. The idea was to visit some the places Anthony visited in his show the Layover during the Singapore episode. The places we picked were: Tiong Bahru Market, Tanglin Halt Hawker Center, Chin Chin Eating House, Bismillah Biryani and Samy's Curry. We looked up the places from map and planned out a perfect route for our eat-a-thon. When we arrived at the first place on our list, we found a huge hole in our plan: We didn't look up the opening hours of the places we were going to visit. Some food courts close quite early, especially on weekends. So, if you want to visit some particular booth, go there early in the morning or afternoon.

The first place we ate at was Samy's Curry House. Anthony recommended curry fish head there, so we ordered that. The dinner was served on banana leaves and the main dish was served from a big clay pot. The food was delicious and the whole experience was memorable. Because we didn't look up the opening hours (and food courts don't show opening hours for individual booths), we didn't have the change to visit the other places in our list. Still, the trip was successful, as the food we ate was great and we had the change to saw the city more.

Curry Fish Head

Our feast

11th of July we went to Sungei Road Thieves Market, which is the last big open air flea market in Singapore. It is popular among tourists and locals alike. The market has been there since the 1930s. The selection was wide, you can find everything from vinyl records, medals presenting Chinese leader, hand made Terminator figures made of scrap metal to vintage cameras and watches. The place can be hard to find, as there are construction sites at the area. The market is going to close in 2017.  So don't wait for long if you want to visit there. You can find interesting gifts from there so it is worth to go to the Thieves market and have a look at the wares. Santeri and Janne bought Singaporean army jackets, which cost only S$10 a piece.

Thieves market
Janne and Santeri with their new jackets

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