perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

Road Trip

On Wednesday we rented scooters. We asked a recommendation from the Zackry's staff and they guided us to one of the nearest rental places. We all took scooters, which cost only 40 ringgit (9,5 €) per scooter. The traffic is left-hand in Malaysia, so it took us some time to get used to driving on the left side of the road. The traffic is much more free flowing than in Finland. Cars pass scooters all the time, even if there's oncoming traffic, but everything goes quite smoothly because people give space to each other.

First thing we did was to fill up our scooters. Petrol is cheap in Malaysia, one liter cost around 2 ringgit (0,5 €). You pay first and then fill up. If you pay more than your tank can take, you can claim the left over money back from the counter. Gas stations are good places to buy water, soft drinks and snacks to get energy when traveling across the island.

We had a map with us so it was easy to spot places of interest. We stopped at a waterfall, which was the highest waterfall in Langkawi. There was a small pond under the waterfall, so we took a dip.

When we drove back to the town we ate at a Mexican restaurant Eero saw earlier. After having amazing burritos we returned the scooters and headed to the beach.

Sante and Eero

Passed a harbor


Road in the jungle

Pit stop

Eero, Janne, Santeri

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