perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

The Road Warriors

We enjoyed our scooter drive on Wednesday, so we decided to rent bikes again on Friday. As it was a public holiday it was hard to find a rental place which was open. The place we rented our scooters before had all scooters rented out already. After a while of searching we finally found a place that had scooters. Unfortunately only two of them. So our solution to our situation was that Janne and Santeri both rented actual motorcycles from the place we made our rent on Wednesday. Eero and Jussi rented the two scooters we found earlier. Finally we were ready for our drive.

The driving was a lot easier and it felt a lot more conformable compared to last time. This time we headed to the eastern part of the island. The new route allowed us to drive quite long and wide roads. It was a hot day and it felt cooling as the wind breezed while driving. Our first stop was a huge eagle statue by the sea, some sort of Langkawi attraction. After a short break we continued our travels. There was this group of local kids that started to drive along side of us for a while. They seemed to be excited about us westerns. They said that they could lead us to our next destination, but somehow we managed to loose them (We actually took the wrong turn and headed to wrong direction for a short while). Once we got back on the right track, we stopped again by a beach and enjoyed the view. It didn't take long from there that we ended up in a beach within a guarded area. We had to stop at a gate and a guard gave us this rule sheet for the place, which we had to sign. The beach we reached was peaceful and apparently there was a hotel in the area. We wanted to go for a swim but we decided to head back to the guest house we were staying and go for a swim in the beach there. We met a couple of cows when walking to the beach and again we were accompanied by Rocky.

As it was our last night, we decided to have a three course meal for our last meal in Langkawi. We found this restaurant that served a wide variation of food. There was Italian, Indian, Chinese and even Mexican food. Everyone were satisfied with their meals and it was quite cheap if you compare it to prices in Finland (Around 80 ringits per person). Thus came our journey in Langkawi to its end.

We pre-ordered a taxi for Saturday morning through the hosts. On Saturday morning the taxi arrived just as we had requested at 6:45 am. It was a successful trip and we had a life lasting experience. Definitely would recommend the place for exchange students next year.

Eero, Janne, Santeri

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