perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

The Second Arrival

On Tuesday we went to have a short vacation in Langkawi, Malaysia. It's an archipelago of 104 islands, around 30 km off the mainland Malaysia. The main island Langkawi Island is duty-free, so it's quite cheap there. The flight from Singapore to Langkawi took only a little over an hour. When we arrived at the airport the weather was cloudy. Weather forecasts are not reliable in tropics, so don't worry if you see only rain and thunderstorms forecast during your trip.

We took a prepaid taxi from a taxi counter and started our trip to the Zackry Guest House, where we would stay on our vacation. The staff was friendly and told us about local activities. The rooms were cozy. Zackry has a self service beverage station based on honesty system. There were yogurts, soft drinks and beer in a fridge. They cost 2 ringgit (around 0,50 €) a piece. After unpacking we made our way to a restaurant. The guy who took our order recognized our accents and, to our surprise, spoke a few words of Finnish to us. The food was inexpensive and great.

After eating we wandered around the town. Most of the traffic and informative signs are in Malay, but we didn't met a person who wouldn't speak English and generally people were helpful. After checking out part of the town we went to the beach. There are many beach bars, which have tables on the beach. Some of the bars play music and some don't, so there's variety whether you want more party-like atmosphere or just relax listening the ocean and watching stars.

Road to the guest house

At guest house

Bar at the beach

Eero, Janne, Santeri

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