maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2015

Road to Singapore


After a long flight we arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. We walked to the baggage claim only a hot shower and warm bed on our minds. We didn't have to wait for the heat long, it hit us like a wet towel as the moment we went outside. It was over 30 degrees outside and the humidity was over 70 %. We should've thought twice before wearing chinos. It didn't took long for the heat to make us regret our clothing decisions. So, if you come to Singapore, just wear a t-shirt and shorts.

We got a taxi, and headed to our apartment. We looked outside of the windows and the view wasn't something we're used to. The view composed of high-rises and between them tropical parks. The ride took under half an hour and we arrived at Ang Mo Kio block 168. Our driver gave us the bags and wished us a happy stay in Singapore. We didn't have keys nor information what to do. We waited at the entrance of the building and little by little the weather wore us down. We discussed how to proceed, but it was already the evening, so the school wasn't open. Then, like a miracle from the sky, we saw familiar faces. We haven't ever been this happy to see engineers. We got our keys and after comparing notes we headed upstairs.

Nanyang Polytechnic Entrance from Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 (not the main entrance) 

Our apartment was cozy and roomy. We changed to something more suitable for the tropic weather . Then we headed out to the Singapore's night. This is the start of our adventure.

Eero, Janne, Santeri

We don't recommend eating pizza at the Istanbul Airport. Quality/Price ratio 0/5.

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