torstai 11. kesäkuuta 2015

Training Day

We woke up at 8am ready for our first school day in Singapore. The air was filled with excitement. We didn't hold any kind of information about our project teams, or what we would be doing during the summer. After the breakfast we headed out of our air conditioned apartments, and very soon Singapore would remind us about its tropical weather. It's a good that we won't ever have to worry about the weather being too cold. The only thing we have to worry about is if we need our umbrellas with us.

During the day time we were able to observe our campus' surroundings on our way to school. Outside of our apartment we saw multiple tennis and basketball courts. Gigantic palm trees and different fountains decorated the campus ground.

We arrived to the School of Interactive & Digital Media building where we will complete our project studies. Currently I can't really talk about the project itself due to my NDA, but I'll try to write a post about it later on. The school days start at 9am and end at 6pm. During the weekdays after school I tend to go to the gym or swimming. We spend our weekends exploring the city and different attractions.

Singaporeans are very polite people. During our first day my team members took us to see the schools canteens and campus surroundings. There are three canteens inside our school and each canteen includes several food stalls. There are a lot of different cuisines, for example Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese.

Our campus has a huge sports field where the local students gather to play different sports after school. Next to the field there are multiple gyms from which only one is in free use to all the students. You can also find different kind of club activities in the halls of the schools, like for example weight lifting and martial arts. Next to our gym there is a pool area that includes three swimming pools and deck chairs. Sometimes it feels like we're staying in a hotel..


The main hall
The inner yard of the campus
The sports field

The swimming pools

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