lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2015

Sunset Boulevard

During our second week, we pretty much got used to the everyday routine here in Singapore. Our days consist of nine hours in school, where we work on our projects, and rest of the day we usually just relax at our apartment or go refresh ourselves in campus' swimming pool.

In the weekend we went to downtown to visit the 1-Altitude bar, the highest alfresco bar in the world. Before that we ate at the bank of Singapore river in a nice local sea food restaurant. The food was good and delicious (Although Eero was rather disappointed with the portion size). Price of the meals were around S$30 (around 20 €) and a jug of beer cost S$9 during happy hour. The view was gorgeous and we had a great time. After our dinner we took a taxi and headed to the Altitude bar. The taxi was easy to pickup and it was inexpensive. 

View of Raffles Place

Searching for restaurant

Janne enjoying the view

Eero waiting for dinner

Once we arrived to the building, we bought our tickets to the bar, which is located at the top of One Raffles Place building. There wasn't much of a queue when we arrived so we didn't have to wait long to get to the elevator. The elevator had a glass wall so we could see our ascent to the 63rd floor. We managed to arrive to the top just in time to witness the sunset in all of its glory. There was also a wedding ceremony held at the top and later we witnessed a proposal. 

The view of the city was magnificent and the evening was magical overall. The experience is really hard to put into words so you just have to be there yourself. Even the pictures don't do justice but here are some of the pictures we took.

Santeri at the 1-Altitude


City lights

Lights in the dark
Eero, Janne, Santeri

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