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The Three Stooges


My name is Santeri and I'm on the left in the picture. I'm a producer student from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences class TTK14. I moved to Kajaani from Joensuu and I have enjoyed my stay so far. Games industry has been an interesting experience after the first year, and I'm expecting the following years to be as exciting as the first one. Traveling has been always close to my hearth. In the spring I went to Casual Connect in Amsterdam and I wanted to go abroad again as soon as possible. When I got the change to go to Singapore during the summer, I didn't have to think twice. So far it has been great. It's been warm and there are plenty of beautiful girls.

I've undertook many tasks in Kajaani. When I go back I start as a sport tutor and as the CEO of Kajak Games. I've tried to stay active in both school and during the spare time. I'll write posts both with the guys and alone.


I am Eero (on the right hand side in the picture). Like Santeri, I am also from class TTK14 from Kajaani UAS and I study video game producing and design. I've been born and raised in Finland's Turku. Before studying in Kajaani I worked as a chef during the winter season in Ylläs (in the Lapland). I like to challenge myself and perhaps that's one of the reasons why I ended up in Kajaani and in Singapore.

Now I have my first year behind which has been marvelous. I have been active at school. I am a tutor, a council member of the student union KAMO, and a member of the board in Kajak Games. Also, in the autumn I start as the lead of the Kajak Games quality assurance team. The exchange in Singapore has been nice so far and I look forward to what the coming months have to offer.


I, in the middle, am Janne. As both the other guys I study production and design. I'm also in the class TTK14. Before game development studies I got a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Game industry has always been a great interest to me so I decided to go to study production and design at Kajaani UAS. I've travelled much so the possibility to go to Singapore sounded awesome, especially when I haven't had the change to travel to Asia. It has been brilliant here.

I am a tutor and a council member in the student union. In the autumn I start as an EVP of Kajak Games. I also conducted a survey about our first year's studies with Eero for the first year students. I'm sure our time here in Singapore will be superb.


At the world's highest al fresco bar (282m)

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